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Environment and Sustainability

Our Commitment to the


A large part of our mission going forward is to lead the way in innovation while reducing adverse environmental impacts, building socially responsible beliefs towards a more sustainable future.

RICOMM GAN technology

A Gift for the greener planet

Latest GaN Tech

RICOMM gallium nitride chargers are mainly charging devices that use gallium nitride as an important raw material. Compared with the previous mobile phone chargers that use “silicon” as an important raw material, the biggest advantage is that they are smaller in size and higher in output power. Stronger, more environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

The high switching frequency, low on-resistance, small size, and multifunctional material advantages of GaN materials enable GaN power devices to achieve higher system efficiency, less power loss, compact shape, and simpler system design. The performance of GaN power chips has been greatly improved, and at the same time, the system volume can be greatly reduced, and the system energy consumption is greatly reduced, which is more conducive to carbon emission reduction.


Environmental and Social Responsibility


BEPI adopts industry best practices and practical technical expertise to increase the transparency of corporate development supply chains to meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations and stakeholder requirements. The BEPI framework is built on the Global Social Responsibility Program Environmental Reference Tool and complies with leading environmental standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative.

The problems encountered by suppliers around the world include: child labor, forced labor, lack of safety in the workplace and other forms of discrimination. BSCI Business Social Standard Certification is a program for retailers, industries and importers to implement a common monitoring system of social standards and improve the fulfillment of social responsibilities in the countries where suppliers are located. It monitors and promotes the social responsibility performance of companies that produce related products through continuous improvement of development policies. The Business Community Compliance Initiative (BSCI) members include retailers, brand companies and traders.

Offer you a charging cable

Prevent Waste

Before December 28, 2024, tablet computers, digital cameras, headsets and handheld video game consoles in the EU market will have to use the USB-C interface uniformly, and the final implementation time for notebook computers and other products will be April 28, 2026 . The purpose of using the Type-C charging interface uniformly is to encourage consumers to reuse existing chargers to reduce waste when purchasing new devices. According to estimates, this move can reduce 11,000 tons of electronic waste every year.


Our charger comes with a high-quality RICOMM USB-C charging data cable for free, which can save consumers more use costs and avoid hidden dangers caused by inferior data cables.

RICOMM gan chargers package

Innovative Packaging Design

Reduce Plastic

RICOMM’s sustainable concept is not only reflected in the application of high technology, but also in product packaging design, we also make our packaging smaller and lighter through innovative design, so that we can deliver products to the final destination more efficiently, thus reducing our Carbon Footprint. We are committed to the responsible packaging movement with the goal of reducing and removing plastic and virgin forest fibers from our packaging and shipping materials, making our packaging more easily recycled by customers and local recycling facilities.
RICOMM will continue to make efforts in packaging and other aspects to realize the recycling of more raw materials, making our sky bluer and the sea bluer!

We Can Do Better

In the future

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved to reduce our environmental impact, but we know there’s more to do. RICOMM will also encourage employees to ride bicycles and walk more. In the future, we will also practice the theme of sustainability by refurbishing unused returned goods. We’re always looking for better ways to create durable, high-quality products with minimal impact on the planet, and we look forward to your help! If you have better inspiration suggestions, welcome to contact us,