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Gan charger review for RICOMM Hammer Series

Gan charger review for RICOMM Hammer Series

Gallium Nitride (GaN) is the next-generation charging technology. Brands including Anker and Belkin have successively launched many charger products using GaN technology. In fact, this is also the field that RICOMM has always been good at. The evaluation of gallium nitride charger is also a hot topic on youtube.

On the newly launched RICOMM website, we have listed two professional gallium nitride chargers of 65W and 120W. Let’s take a look at our official evaluation, which may help you choose the most suitable gallium nitride charger.

  1. Appearance and size comparison

Both chargers adopt RICOMM’s iconic arc design, with a white highlighted main shell and light gray frosted front and rear shells. The ergonomic design is very in line with the consumer’s experience.

The appearance size of the RICOMM RC561 US charger is 50.4*55.5*31mm, and the appearance size of the RICOMM RC1201 US charger is 33.8*68.6*68.9mm. Compared with the traditional chargers, the size of the two chargers is smaller and easier to carry and use when going out.

  1. Interface comparison

If you have a strong demand for charging multiple electronic devices, then both chargers are good choices. The RICOMM RC561 US charger has a USB-A interface and a USB-C interface, which supports simultaneous charging of two devices. RICOMM The RC1201 US charger has one USB-A port and two USB-C ports, supporting three devices to charge at the same time. Both chargers can fully charge most models of MacBook laptops, satisfying your charging hunger.

  1. Different power

RICOMM’s chargers use a more intelligent energy distribution solution. The two chargers support dynamic energy distribution when connecting different numbers of charging devices. Compared with traditional chargers, they are more conducive to saving energy and protecting the environment.

Both chargers support PD fast charging. When you use RICOMM’s Lighting charging cable to charge your beloved iPhone 14 Pro Max, it can reach 50% within 30 minutes; it can also be used to charge MacBook with Type-c interface. Has very fast charging speed.

The good news is that both GaN charger kits come with a 2.1m USB-C charging cable for free. When you get it, you can directly connect your electronic devices to charge. Of course, you can also share it with your friends and family. We look forward to more people smiling when they use our products.


Our newly designed 35W and 140W GaN chargers will also be exhibited at CES2023. If you are interested in our products, please contact us and try our products at our booth.

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