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The Story About RICOMM.

The Story About RICOMM.


Modern Lifestyle

RICOMM is a modern lifestyle brand that combines innovative technology, uncompromising style and functional art. We provide high-quality PD/GaN chargers, charging cables, true wireless earphones, protective film and other products.

Beauty From Heart

The founder of RICOMM, John. Fan, is an expert with more than twenty years of experience in the field of 3C products, as well as a perfectionist and minimalist. He firmly believes that technology is not cold, and electronic products should not be at right angles and without temperature, but should be part of a more humanized design and an emotional lifestyle.

During more than 20 years of business, he has established solid business relationships with Belkin, Bestbuy, Media Markt, Woolworths, Walmart, Carrefour, etc., and then the dream of creating a brand flashed in his heart, using the world’s top supply chain, technology, and raw materials , to provide world-class products to consumers who desire high quality.

Zen Orient

Zen aesthetics is the concentrated expression of life aesthetics and beauty. Zen is essentially a kind of life experience, and Zen aesthetics always pays attention to human life activities. In the pursuit of aesthetic ideals, Zen regards the circle as the beauty, and believes that the “great circle state” is the highest and ultimate state, and the circle is the core category of “Zen”, “mind”, and “enlightenment”. Taking lightness as simplicity and simplicity as elegance, the Zen oriental style has been pursuing a leisurely, relaxed and leisurely life.

The design of RICOMM’s products takes Zen oriental thinking as the core, focusing on the unity of internal and external use experience, curved unique appearance design and high-tech technology, bringing an experience different from ordinary brands.

Endless Love

Love is a lifetime, we will always be with you, RICOMM.

We are in an era full of contradictions and disputes. War conflicts and the spread of COVID-19 make us reevaluate our society and interpersonal relationships. Only love is the source of motivation for us to persist in ourselves and love life amidst drastic changes. We have more than 15 years of experience in the PD/GaN charger manufacturing industry. RICOMM is a brand full of love. We believe that your recognition and support is our original intention to create this brand with love, and it is also what we want to become a century-old evergreen brand. motivation.

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