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GaN charger 65W from RICOMM is the best RICOMM GaN charger for MacBook Air M2!

GaN charger 65W from RICOMM is the best RICOMM GaN charger for MacBook Air M2!

Apple brought the latest operating system and the MacBook Air 2022 equipped with the M2 chip at the WWDC 2022 Developer Conference in June, and its popularity surpassed that of the Pro series. The MacBook Air M2 offers up to 18 hours of video playback on the Apple TV app and up to 15 hours of wireless Internet access. MacBook Air (M2) uses a 52.6Wh Li-polymer battery, and the charger is a 30W USB-C power adapter (included with M2 with 8-core GPUs), or a 35W dual USB-C port compact power Adapter (included with 10-core GPU, 512GB storage M2 models; optional on 8-core GPU M2 models).

If you’ve purchased this latest Apple laptop, you already own an original Apple adapter. Now you don’t know how to choose the best RICOMM  GaN charger to match your notebook, so please don’t hesitate to choose the RC651 USB-C GaN charger that is already on the line or the upcoming RC652 USB with dual USB-C ports -C GaN charger.

Both of RICOMM’s 65W GaN adapters have two interfaces, and the single-port USB-C supports a maximum power distribution of 65W. You can easily charge your M2 MacBook Air. The difference between the two chargers is that RC651 has one USB-A and one USB-C interface, and RC652 has two USB-C interfaces. If you buy these two chargers from RICOMM, we will give a 2.1m USB-C charging cable in the package for free.

The 65W charger is also very small in size, and the foldable legs are designed for easy storage. You can easily put it in your backpack or office bag without worrying about scratching your other items or being too heavy.

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